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One trope as old as the hills — and one that many comic books and comic book shows have been criticized for employing over the years — is to have a character from an underrepresented group (be it race, gender, or religion) exit a series in order to “make room” for another. At this point, most shows are conscious of the trope and avoid it, but that makes situations like the one DC’s Legends of Tomorrow recently faced a potential target for criticism and jokes.

Series regular Franz Drameh, who played Jax, one half of Firestorm, left the series recently, and shortly thereafter came news that Keiynan Lonsdale will bring Wally West to the show. Swapping out one young, black character for another was something some fans had joked about or questioned, even while expressing excitement about Wally getting a new home.

Speaking with during this weekend’s DC in DC event, series star Brandon Routh said that while the cast and crew are aware of the trope, he does not think it will be a concern for fans, who already have an understanding of the characters, who they are, and what they can bring from the table apart from their demographics.

“Yeah. You know, I think that goes with the talent that Keiynan brings to his role and to this newly-forming — is it forming? — energy of him coming in to be a part of our show for a little bit,” said Routh, who plays Ray Palmer on the series. “I think for the most part, our writers are writing for us as a team and putting the team first, and if we can make poignant stories about cultural differences or religious differences, then we do, but if we can’t, then we are all working together on the team to solve history, which is I feel like a place that we can get to in the world, where we can understand that we all have differences but we can all talk person to person, human to human.”

Drameh left the series at the same time as Victor Garber, who played Dr. Martin Stein and was Jax’s partner in the Firestorm Matrix. While Garber’s exit had been public knowledge, Jax’s departure was more of a surprise. Drameh recently paid a visit to the Waverider to let his old castmates meet his newborn child, suggesting that the timing may have been right for him to take a break.

Network president Mark Pedowitz said during a recent interview that Wally would be heading to Legends of Tomorrow for a while, but did not say whether Lonsdale would become a permanent fixture on the show. Londsale, who debuted on The Flash, had been largely sidelined on that show and recently took a hiatus wherein his character left Central City altogether.

There is no word on whether Jax will come back, or who — if anyone — will fill Stein’s “seat” on the Waverider.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns on Monday, February 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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Legends of Tomorrow star Brandon Routh is looking forward to the day when Ray Palmer actually gets to interact with his brother Sydney. So far, Sydney has only been mentioned twice in the series, and is yet to interact with his brother. One such mention had the other Palmer boy taking his brother’s A.T.O.M. technology and making a name for himself in one of the Arrowverse’s possible futures.

The series dropped another reference to him during season 3’s nostalgic ‘Phone Home‘, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg that was revealed about Ray in an episode that changed the way the character views himself and his past. And it’s that newfound understanding of how his childhood shaped his current worldview that Routh would like to see the show explore more, hopefully with a little interaction with Sydney.

Routh made the comments during a recent visit to the Legends of Tomorrow set, where he discussed the impact of the Ray-centric ‘Phone Home’ and what it might mean for the character moving forward. Routh said:

“I don’t know how much we’ve seen it in the episodes since that yet. It hasn’t come into play so much but I know that in the episode what Ray learned was that his childhood wasn’t all bright and shiny. He kind of had fooled himself into believing that, and maybe he had some real challenges in life and that’s okay. That makes him a little more balanced moving forward. I think [with] somebody who is happy and light all the time is balancing that. I’m just kind of being myself because I bring a lot of that to Ray.”

As far as when viewers will get a chance to see Ray interact with his brother, Routh says there have been discussions of it, so perhaps it will happen sometime soone.

“There was talk of Ray interacting with his brother Sydney. And Sydney is mentioned in episode three or four where we see young Ray, so I look forward to that happening eventually. I’d like to see Ray’s world worldview extrapolated and [for it to] take over an episode.”

Given the response to ‘Phone Home’ it’s a good bet most fans wouldn’t mind more episodes focused on Ray that look into his past and more. Getting to know his brother would also make for an interesting avenue for the show, especially since it teased Sydney’s involvement in the series’ future in such a surprising way already. However Legends of Tomorrow plans to bring the other Palmer into the show, it should make for another exciting look into the life of one of the Legends.

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The four-show DC TV crossover begins Monday, November 27 on The CW!

The event is called “Crisis on Earth-X,” and we were able to speak with cast members from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow about the event… and who it might be fun to work with again.

In Brandon Routh‘s case, it was “always great” to work with Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicity Smoak on Arrow.

“We never get enough to do together since our time in Arrow,” he explained. “I have a limited adventure in the crossover, but I do get to work with a few people that we had a good time. The best thing that we got to do was the big gathering of everyone here in our world, on the Waverider, which was pretty awesome to have all of those superheroes together, and it was a really unique and fun thing which I think the audience will like as well.”

One place you won’t see Ray Palmer, though, is the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West.

“Ray was not invited to the wedding — which I think has less to do with Ray and more to do with too many people at the wedding that they have to deal with and cover and give air time to. That’s what I like to tell myself, anyway,” he said.

You can see video of Brandon Routh’s interview below.